As the name implies, Lagniappe Planting Company started out as just that — a little something extra. While coworkers at another farm, Paul and Brian seized the opportunity to pursue their own vision of a modern, technologically informed planting company. What started in 2010 as a 2200 acre farm blossomed into a 6,000 acre multi-state operation.

Lagniappe’s business is built on mutually beneficial partnerships aimed at maximizing efficiency. Lagniappe partners with local National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offices to improve drainage, erosion, and irrigation efficiency. With the NRCS’s depth of knowledge and technology informing Lagniappe’s decisions, it confidently invests in improvements to land that will unlock its highest potential.

Lagniappe partners with Southern Soils Lab and Helena Chemical Company to monitor and maintain its fertility program. With their help, Lagniappe applies seed, chemicals, and fertilizer using variable rate technology, allowing Lagniappe to focus its resources on the more productive areas of its fields while reducing waste in the less productive areas. Lagniappe partners with Delta Plastics’ Pipe Planner on all furrow irrigated fields to generate poly pipe hole sizes to each specific field. Every drop of irrigation water is used as efficiently as possible.





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